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Would you like to express your Whatsapp Status more clearly? Here you will surely find the best Sayings and Quotes for your Whatsapp Status, Instagram Account or other Social Media Content.
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Whatsapp has become indispensable these days. Almost everyone who has a smartphone uses Whatsapp as an alternative to SMS. And that includes presenting yourself with a profile photo and a Whatsapp Status. Many show their current feelings, thoughts and life situation with a Whatsapp Status. Here you will find many Sayings, Quotes and Verses for your Whatsapp Status.

Status Generator

Whatsapp Status Generator

The Whatsapp Status Generator generates thousands of statuses, sorted by categories. You can copy the generated statuses with one click.
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Popular Whatsapp Status

Would you like to have Popular Whatsapp status for your account? Here we have put together a list where you can find what you are looking for.

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If you have questions about the site or the Whatsapp Status tools, you can view an overview of most user questions here.
The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.

Thousands of Whatsapp Statuses

Here are just a few examples. Use the Whatsapp Status Generator to generate even more quotes and sayings, or visit our page Popular Whatsapp Status< and choose the status that best suits you. You can simply sort by category and see the status that suits you best. With funny sayings or quotes to your current mood, your profile looks more alive. You can use our tools not only for Whatsapp. For Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook or other social media - cool sayings go down well.

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Keep your friends up to date on WhatsApp status. Use this feature to show selected contacts what's going on with you by photo, video or GIF.
Similar to the story feature of Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, WhatsApp Status gives your contacts a little insight into your current mood. Here you can share photos, videos, or GIFs. In little stories, you tell what's going on right now. You'll see how many of your friends are watching your status.
After 24 hours the short clips disappear again. You decide who can see them.

WhatsApp sayings are great for showing how you are, what you're thinking about, motivating, or bringing a smile to someone's face. We have whatsapp sayings of all kinds for you in a huge collection. From funny to romantic to thoughtful, everything is included.

WhatsApp has more than a billion users worldwide and today it's hard to imagine everyday life without it. Messages are sent and photos shared. Voice messages and live conversations are made via Whatsapp. Not only do WhatsApp statuses tell you how you think or feel, they can also be shared in WhatsApp groups or set as a status that reaches all your contacts. One advantage over Facebook and co. is that you can share more private thoughts that don't reach the masses, just your phone contacts.

On whatsapp-status.com we help you to find the right words for every situation and occasion.

Whatsapp Status for every occasion

The right Whatsapp status for every situation in life. Whether you are just celebrating your life or are deeply sad because your relationship has gone apart. With the right status you can tell your friends how you are doing. Strengthen yourself with a status similar to a challenge. Motivate yourself or be the funny one to amuse others.

Whatsapp Status Generator

Simple, fast and completely free! With the Whatsapp Status Generator you can search for the right status by selecting a category. The best Whatsapp statuses from the category will be created for you, which you can easily copy.

Popular Whatsapp Status

You want something cool? Popular Whatsapp Statuses always go down well. On the Popular Whatsapp Status page you can see the most popular whatsapp statuses, sorted by category. Select a category to show 50 statuses.

Be Creative

Show your Whatsapp contacts how creative you can be. With witty or thoughtful sayings, you can reach others and put a smile on their faces or make them think. Add emojis to give your Whatsapp Status even more expression.

Love Status

Nothing is more popular than a Whatsapp Love Status to show your partner how much you love and value him. Love statuses are the most popular statuses used by Whatsapp. Show your loved one with a Love Status how much you love them.

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You can get inspired on the page whatsapp-status.com or simply copy the generated or the most popular statuses and use them for your purposes. You can search or sort by category to see the statuses that match your needs.

Say Something

You just want to write something special to your family, friends or partners and can't find the right words? Of course you can do that with a quote from this page. Just copy the generated Whatsapp Status and send it.